Your eyes,
You're outside
Of my window
Staring in

Your hands,
You're pressed
against my window,
Staring in

Your mind,
Your mind is open
Only on pretend

Your head,
Your head is spinning
Praying for an end
You're me

I've sent my letters
Or tossed them in the sea
Your grim, blindfolded smile
Is way too dark for me

I've dreamt of futures
But truly wished for pasts
To brazenly declare
What everybody knows,
that nothing ever lasts

But i've found some comfort in your skin

Your head,
Your concrete sea
Whatever it may hide

Your words,
They burn through me
Like rich formaldehyde

Your toes,
Curled together
Wrapped around my snow

You'll grow
You'll spring to life
To my dismay,
You'll end up letting go

Cause i like girls
Who cut themselves
Put Sylvia Plath-
Books on their shelves
With acid-eyes, go
'Round and 'round
And you like boys
Who doesn't make a sound

And that's all that i've found
In all these years

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